We are a team that is all about God and is all about the people. We have learned to not just be the "bench warmers" in the church, but also be active as in taking part in the church ministries that God has put in our heart. As we have committed to the church, grow together in the community, and be blessed by God and the church, we are also called to be part of His Kingdom. Serving is a great way to show God's love to others and to demonstrate the attitude that Jesus had taught us while he lived on earth.

God created each of us with unique gifts and talents to be used to bless others and for His glory. Our church offers various ministry opportunities that hopefully help provide a place for you to discover who you are that God created you to be. There may be other ministries that may not or haven't been listed here, and this list could grow longer in the future as we're being faithful and more creative. So, do not hesitate to contact the team coordinator that you are interested in and/or our Pastor for more details.

Join us and together serve the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


As a creation, we are all made to bring glory to God. Unlike other creatures, we are given the opportunity and freewill to live our lives according to His plan and purpose. As a church we are taking this privilege to passionately worship Jesus whenever and wherever we are. Music is an important aspect of our Sunday worship. We believe God can use music along with His words to heal, empower, and transform us.

For us, music is a language to express our love and passion for God. As much as we love music, we emphasize on the heart of worship. We are blessed with many Christ loving talented individuals in the team who strive for excellence. Our desire is to give our best to glorify God. If you have the same heart and passion to make Jesus famous, we'd love you to join us.


The people behind the scenes are usually not recognized by people, but they are acknowledged by God. They might seem insignificant but what really matter is their heart. The heart that full of longing to be used by God, the heart that full of desire to support others even if they stay hidden. Logistic ministry exists to give a chance for those people who long to serve God and support other ministries. We support them by providing and maintaining the equipments that they use for their service's purposes. We help the process of transporting the equipments from church ministry centre to Vancouver Public Library, where we hold our Sunday Service

Again, we might seem unimportant, but we will never be too insignificant to be used by God. If you are interested to join our team or you want to know more about this ministry, you can send email to


First impression is one of the most important qualities that a church should have. As the bible states, "I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness" (Psalm 84:10). We are proud to be the doorkeepers of our church. We welcome everyone with our smile, and friendly voice. Our smile represents the joy of the Lord that is in our hearts. We are proud to declare that we are in the house of God , through our voice.

It is exciting to be able to welcome the body of Christ to worship together in unity. In addition, we have the privilege to do the offering, communion, and announcement. For those who are interested to be part of our team, please contact us at