As God's most wonderfully made creation, we were not made to do life alone. Since we were born, we have already been in a family who help us with everything that we need till we have grown and become who we are today. As we grow older, we have been part in larger communities such as school, work, church, and so on. As a body of Christ, we need each other to help us, pray for us, encourage us, and correct us. That's what community is all about. It's about the people and the togetherness. We called our community as care group - a group of people who get together every Friday night to care for each other, grow together in Christ and last but not least have fun together. So, welcome to join us and read more about us in care groups section.

Furthermore, community is not just about church community but also other community out there. Therefore, we want to be a blessing for other as well. We have been doing "Potter House" every first Saturday of the month. It is a compassion ministry where we host a church service and serve foods to the "homeless people". Some other days, we were also giving out blankets to people in the street during winter season; serving soups and sandwiches and giving them presents during Christmas. A community it is not just about receiving, but also about taking part that is important. It is a place to learn and show our loves to God, others and ourselves. We won't like all people that we meet, but we need to learn to love them. This is how we grow beyond our constraint. Others and/or our surrounding stretch us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You could contact our Pastor if you would like to take part in our community involvement.

Together we learn. Together we grow. Together we are stronger than we are alone.

Life Stories

Shalom, my name is Michael Salam. The peeps at church call me Mike. Until four years ago, I was a free thinker, where I thought that everyone has their own path of enlightenment in life. I did stuffs that I deemed correct and I grilled anyone who questioned my way. Everything changed when one day, on my sleep, flashbacks of ungodly stuffs that I did start running at the back of my head. It was the sickest, the most uneasy moment of my life. It continues until the word JESUS slipped off my tongue. I am surprised that I even called Jesus' name. The intense feeling was swept away that instance, and I found peace. That moment onwards, I knew from the bottom of my heart that Jesus isn't some mythical guy that was told as folklore. Jesus was and is real in my life. Since then, I began to search more about God and I started attending church. A couple months ago, I made a decision to get baptized as a declaration of faith. Of course, the new life of following Jesus isn't all fairy tale, where everything becomes easy . We're told to carry our cross, deny ourselves, and follow him daily. Christianity is not a religion, a tradition, or legend. It is a real relationship with God and people around us. Although I might stumble, I know He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion. God bless y'all.

- Michael Salam

Care Groups


We meet in UBC. We'll see how it goes. See you there.


Our group consists of mostly students who live in downtown Vancouver area. We meet to share experiences, support each other, learn more about God and pray for one and another. We enjoy eating and hanging out together. But above all else, we enjoy JESUS the most. We are down to rock Jesus in town!


A variety of people, mainly young professionals, with different gifts, talents and personalities ("fruit") that God is continuing to make whole ("loops") as we blend in together. We are a bunch of engineers, computer programmer, teacher, chef, finance advisor, housewife, etc.. welcoming you to bring your personal taste and colour into our bowl of FruitLoops.

Care Bears

Like the Care Bears that come in different colours and characteristics, we are a group of people consisting of largely students, with different backgrounds and abilities. BUT! Together as one, resembling the Care Bears, we support one another through prayer and learning more about Jesus, and the list goes on~ Come! whatever "bear" colour you are and join our Care Bear family.